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Looks like a new all-time peak demand record was set in @ERCOT_ISO today between 5-6 pm with 74,916 MW of demand served, toping the old record set in 2019 by 96 MW. 👏 to every resource that showed up, persons working the lines, and operating the control rooms. #txlege #txenergy

Generators have spent many millions ensuring plants can withstand weather extremes & diversifying fuel supply to run even if the gas system has issues. Time to ensure market design provides companies ability to recoup those costs & earn a reasonable return.

“We just went through a cold weather spell just a few days ago. In that we normally would have expected to see several units have freezing problems, issues with their generators. We had none, zero. And that’s showing up because of the work they’ve done to get us ready today.”

The overwhelming response these last few days to the deaths of Betty White, Sidney Poitier, and Bob Saget are proof of what kind of legacy a life of kindness leaves behind.